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Just-turned Four

In the last week the small person turned four. The Teenager made cupcakes, we all sang, and having been celebrated by his Wallace grandparents last weekend, he is spending this weekend being celebrated by his Bergman grandparents. This year, he will celebrate his birthday at school, slightly late, by bringing in 750 bouncy balls. He was inspired by this video. His teachers have said he can bring in lots of balls, but they have no idea what's coming. His birthday phone schedule was epic - all manner of family called to sing to him and celebrate him. Just-turned four remains fiercely loyal to his people, all of you, and was delighted. He talks about people often, asks to call, asks to Skype, and in the last week started bringing home handmade postcards from school with notes on the back. If you love him, Just-turned four loves you right back.

Just-turned four announced that now he is four he will have another new name, but we have to guess what it is.

Just-turned four cares about others. He worries about sick friends and family members, and shares advice on how to take care of others. He was very careful to ask about bringing the balls to school because he was concerned that a younger child might put one in their mouth and choke. Just-turned four chose a Chaunnuka present for me and tricked me into buying it (I thought it was for him). This charms me.

Just-turned four is both startlingly independent, and hates to be alone. If there is a snuggle or a hug he wants to be in the middle, although some times, a request to "snuggle on the couch" turns out to just be an opening to ask for a video. Just-turned four would like to watch Dinosaur Train. He'd like to watch an episode with you and then talk about it. Just-turned four has learned a huge amount about dinosaurs from these shows. He almost certainly knows more about dinosaurs than you. Unless you are cousin E. Inspired by Don on Dinosaur Train, Just-turned four now has "A Collection". Just-turned four's collection is extensive: shells, fossils, beads, rocks, seed pods, random things he has found, plastic insects, geodes, bits of glass. Just-turned four has a shelf full of his collection, and two draws, and a fabulous treasure box, and two bags. Just-turned four would like to have more bones in his collection, but his big people will not allow him to bring home everything he finds on the street.

Just-turned four is interested. He wants to know how things work, where they come from, he wants to peer, touch and smell. Just-turned four has a hypothesis. About everything.

Just-turned four is a rules lawyer and a champion negotiator. Just-turned four prefers to fly. "Driving takes too long" he explains, and also, driving is boring. Just-turned four is looking forward to being five, and being able to fly as an unaccompanied minor.

Just-turned four has no interest in sleep. He is not tired, he is not sleepy, and he does not want to go to bed. Just-turned four is a master at not sleeping, and will try to stay up as long as he can. Sometimes the big people want to go to bed before he does. Sometimes he falls asleep while insisting how not tired he is.

Just turned four likes art. He likes the opportunity to create, and to make beautiful things. He is very interested in beads, and beading, but will use other mediums too. Just-turned four is handy with scissors. Really handy. Almost all his art is trimmed these days into a shape he finds most pleasing. Just-turned four writes more than he draws these days. He brings home paper from school covered with letters. He writes his name, clearly and in block capitals, but then he fills the page with other letters. Just-turned four knows all the letters of our alphabet, and all the numbers, although some times one of the teens goes missing, and he thinks the number after "twenty-nine" should be "twenty-ten". He is clear that what he creates, both letters and pictures is art, and that it should be hung on the wall for all to admire.

Just-turned four loves hockey. Loves, loves, loves, hockey and is sure he knows how to play. Anytime there is a small piece of ice anywhere he wants to skate on it in his boots to practice and in preparation. He has a backyard hockey set of two nets and two sticks and he'll play that for hours with considerable skill. On a recent weekend, he and I watched a Ryerson Rams game, and he explained to me high sticking, and several other rules. I have no idea where this love or this knowledge comes from.

Just-turned four still loves a salmon and avocado hand roll, and will eat five in a single sitting if allowed. He prefers to go out to a restaurant for dinner than eat at home, and if we are going out he would like to be able to choose where. If allowed to choose where, he most often sends us to T and T, Sashimi Island or Guu. At home broccoli, salmon and macaroni cheese might be his pick. He does not like spicy foods, is seldom a fan of soup, does not want onions, and seldom mushrooms. Just-turned four has just come around to salad.

In the last week we have toured two possible schools for Just-turned four for next year this week, and as we discussed them over dinner, Papa shared that one of them has "a rolling start". Just-turned four declared that he should definitely go to that one as we are not very good at mornings. We are not very good at mornings, particularly Just-turned four, who would like to stay up until eleven, and then sleep in until ten.

Just-turned four is full of joy and conversation, full of interest in the world. We are delighted by him, and so glad of him. We look forward to our next adventures.

How has the small person changed? Here's three, and one, apparently I was so busy with two that I did not write something up for it. I should probably put $10 in the therapy jar for that.
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